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Project Makó Gyula Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdő Buziaş Moneasa

Hagymatikum – The Bath of baths

The organic bath building complex is unique wellness and medical spa in Europe. The building of approximately 10 thousand square metres offers a total of 18 different medical and adventure pools to the guests of the bath.

Thanks to the singular combination of Makó medical water and Maros mud, helps the patients who visit our institute to cope with various illnesses. Our medical water is excellent to cure arthritic and spinal degenerative diseases, arthritis, neuritis, nerve pain, as well as nerve paralysis and muscle atrophy.  The beneficial grain composition of Makó mud and its characteristics of plasticity make it extremely efficient in curing locomotor rheumatic diseases but it is also very effective for the post-treatment of lumbago conditions and limb fractures, as well as the treatment of gynaecological chronic inflammations.

We welcome our guests wishing to recover with a wide range of treatments available in the bath.

Visit Makó and be a guest at Hagymatikum Bath!


Address: H-6900 Makó, Makovecz tér 6.
Phone: +36 62 / 511-220


Hagymatikum Hagymatikum Hagymatikum
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